The Audit and Remuneration Committees consist exclusively of non-executive directors under the chairmanship of Ms. Julie Yuhui Zhunge Wilson and Mr. Dongsheng Yan respectively.

The Audit and Remuneration Committees have both been formally delegated duties and responsibilities by the Board of Directors.

Audit Committee

Ms. Julie Yuhui Zhunge Wilson, Chairman (effective from 29 Aril 2013)
Mr. Dongsheng Yan
Mr. Xiucheng Dong

The Audit Committee, which meets at least twice a year, receives and reviews reports from management and the auditors relating to the annual and interim accounts and the accounting and internal control systems. The Audit Committee has unrestricted access to the Company’s auditors. Executive Directors’ attend as required by the committee members.

Remuneration Committee

Mr. Dongsheng Yan, Chairman (effective from 29 April 2013)
Ms. Julie Yuhui Zhunge Wilson
Mr. Xiucheng Dong

The Remuneration Committee, which also meets at least twice a year, sets and reviews the scale and structure of the executive directors’ and the senior management’s remuneration and the terms of their service contracts with due regard to the interests of the shareholders. The remuneration and terms and conditions of appointment of the non-executive directors are set by the Remuneration Committee. No Director or member of the senior management is permitted to participate in discussions or decisions concerning his or her own remuneration.