Shareholder Information

Shareholder Information

General Information

As at 1 November 2017 the number of AIM securities in issue is 38,353,571. The percentage of shares held not in public hands is 55.9% of the issued share capital as at 1 November 2017.

The Company’s shares are solely admitted to trading on AIM.

The Company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands and its main country of operation is P. R. China.

Substantial Shareholdings

As at 1 November 2017, the Company’s share registrar recorded the following shareholdings in excess of 3% of the ordinary share capital:

HARGREAVE HALE 3,846,600 10.03%
Phillip Securities(Singapore) 3,124,120 8.15%
MR JUNPING BAI 1,870,131 4.88%

The current issued share capital of BVI Co is held by an aggregate of 22 employees of the Group, including Mr. Yang and Mr. Zhang, directors of the Company.

Restrictions on the Transfer of AIM Securities

There is no restriction on the transfer of the AIM securities. However, the Articles of Association of the Company give the Directors,

in their absolute discretion, the power to refuse the transfer of shares in certain instances (except shares held in CREST or another securities transfer system).

Further details on the transferability of shares can be found in the Part V and Part VI of the Admission Document.

HaiKe Admission Document.pdf [Attachment]

Rights of Shareholders of a Non-UK Company

As the Company is incorporated and registered in the Cayman Islands, the rights of its shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

HaiKe is not subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, nor any equivalent legislation or code in its country of incorporation (ie Cayman Islands) or operation (ie China), nor any equivalent provisions has it voluntarily adopted.