Focused on the production of high margin speciality chemical products.

Spring Chemical’s strategy is to focus on the production and sale of high margin, profitable speciality chemicals, to enhance margins and deliver long-term shareholder value.

We have successfully completed a restructuring to separate Spring Chemical from the historically unprofitable petrochemicals business, which was impacted by on-going structural difficulties in the Chinese refinery industry. The restructuring received shareholder approval at a General Meeting of the Company held on 15 May 2014.

Following the divestment of all of HaiKe Chemical Group’s assets and liabilities, with the exception of Spring Chemical and HaiKe Trading, we now intend to extend our Speciality Chemicals operations to upstream and downstream industries to take advantage of economies of scale. Spring Chemical intends to focus on the production of high-end, high margin products, including cosmetic additives, blending agents and electronic grade chemical products.